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Region 5 - The Heartland
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New on the website

Dear Chapter Officers.

One of the key initiatives of our new APICS strategy is to enhance and develop our delivery (Distribution Network), in order to serve better our members and end users.

We recognize Chapters are our biggest customer and the main force supporting our distribution channel.

To support this initiative the Chapter Development Committee (CDC) was formed.  The primary purpose of this committee is to enhance the growth of online payday loans, development, and value added of APICS chapters and strengthen the relationship with Society.

This is the governing goal of this new CDC committee.

The CDC has begun dialogue and developed a “High Level Plan.”  This is the first step, and we will be looking for input from volunteer leaders like you cialis en ligne.  One of our first projects will be the development and distribution of an environmental scanning survey for chapters.  We have to know where we are in order to move forward.  When you receive this survey, please take a moment to submit your information.  The information derived from this survey will be used to drive our objectives and tasks.

We would like to share this Plan with you (including the composition of the CDC.) You can find it at http://www.apics.org/ in the Hot Links section of Volunteer Resources. We will be providing periodic updates to the plan, and letting you know how we are proceeding.  These future updates will be also be available in the Volunteer Resources section.  Instructions are provided below to access this section of the website.

Please discuss this with your chapter board and members. Let us know any questions, comments, concerns, etc. regarding this committee and plan. Please contact either your Region CDL or me directly. You can find the CDC roster at the same link section of the volunteer resources. (CDC Introduction)

Remember that we are here to help you grow and add value to your chapter performance! We know you are our most important customer.

Best Regards

Luis Barcón, MBA, CPIM, CIRM, CQM, C.P.M., PMP
2004 M&CD Vice-President and CDC Chair

Contact APICS Director of Communications with questions regarding this page.

Last Update: August 31, 2013